Volume 1, nº 3 - September, 2011
  BRICS Policy Center Colloquies
In August, BRICS Policy Center hosted three academic colloquies at Affonso Arinos’ House. For the first colloquium, “Balance of the 2011 BRICS Summit”, in August 4th, BPC welcomed Ambassador Gilberto Fonseca Guimarães Moura, Director of the Department of Inter-Regional Mechanisms (Departamento de Mecanismos Inter-Regionais do Ministério das Relações Exteriores) in Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Read more
In August 11th, BPC welcomed Professor Carlos Pereira (Brookings Institution/FGV) for the colloquium In “Brazil-China relations and repercussions on BRICS”, featuring
BPC’s General Coordinator, Professor Adriana Erthal Abdenur, as discussant. Read more
Finally, in August 25th, BPC welcomed Professor Lia Valls Pereira (FGV-Rio) for the colloquium “The Financial Crisis: international regulation and the IMF”, featuring Professor Alex Jobim, Coordinator of BPC Research Group on Development, Trade, Finance and Investment, as discussant. Read more

Colloquium "Balance of the 2011 BRICS Summit "with Ambassador Gilberto F.G. de Moura, at BPC’s library.
  BRICS Policy Center attends UN meeting

From June 29th to July 1st Professor Monica Herz, Coordinator of BPC Research Group on International Politics and Multilateral Agenda, attended the 56th edition of the United Nations’ “Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters” in Geneva, Switzerland. Click here for an interview with Professor Monica.

56ª edition of “Secretary General’s Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters”

Application Process for the BPC Fellows Program
BRICS Policy Center, located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is accepting applications for Visiting Fellows to conduct research on topics related to the Center’s activities.   Fellows will stay in Rio de Janeiro during the time of the fellowship (1-3 months; according to the dates established in the application form) and will be provided with a stipend and a working space at the Center. The candidate should be a resident or former resident of one of the BRICS countries; have either English or Portuguese as working language, have earned a Doctorate from an accredited university or professional school, with her/his project’s object is related to BRICS; Have prior research and/or professional experience in a theme related to the proposed project. Click here to read more about the Program.

  BRICS Policy Center creates new Research Group

BPC’s 6th Research Group on Innovation Systems and Development Governance objective is to analyze and compare the structures and policies for promoting development in the BRICS countries. The Research Group will be coordinated by Professor Luis Manuel Fernandes;  student internship positions available.
Click here to read more about the new group.



“200 years of Russia in Brazil” exposition, at BRICS Policy Center
Celebrating 200 years of the Russian Consulate in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), BRICS Policy Center held an exposition of images and documents regarding Brazilian foreign relations with the Russian Empire from 1810 to 1910. The exposition was held in Affonso Arinos’ house from August 4th to 19th, during which it received a large attendance.
“200 years of Russia in Brazil”, at BPC
  External Events

BRICS Bibliographic Catalogue
BRICS Bibliographic catalogue update available at Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website click here
  Incomming Events
  September 13rd, 2011- Reunion of BRICS’ Ministers of Foreign Affairs, parallel activity to the 66th United Nations’ General Assembly, New York, USA.
  September 23rd, 2011- Reunion of Ministers of Finance and Central Bank Governors, during the G-20 Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, Washington DC, USA.

September 24th, 2011-
6th Reunion of BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs, New York, USA