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Volume 6, nº 1 - December 2015 / January 2016


  Global Go To Think Tank Index Report 2015

The 2015 edition of the "Global Go To Think Tank Index Report", published by the University of Pennsylvania (USA), ranked the BRICS Policy Center - for the third consecutive year - among the Top 10 think tanks associated with universities (BPC/PUC-Rio) and among the “best transdisciplinary research programs in a think tank”. In this year’s edition of the ranking, BPC’s publication "Right to the city for a safe and just world: The case of the BRICS" was rated as the 9th best policy study-report produced by a think tank in 2015. As a result of the partnership between BPC and Oxfam, the Policy Study was coordinated by Sérgio Veloso, coordinator of the BRICS-Urbe program. The report evaluated more than 6.500 think tanks worldwide and, for the third consecutive year, the BRICS Policy Center has been placed among the top 10 “Best University Affiliated Think Tank" and "Best Transdisciplinary Research Program at the Think Tank." Furthermore, for the first time, BPC was rated as one of the best think tanks in Central and South America. Learn more

  GSUM News

GSUM WINTER SCHOOL 2016 - Organized by the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM), the Winter School is a two-week intensive academic and training program on international mediation in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The School is open to a maximum of 24 students per week who want to have an intensive and substantial learning and training experience in the theory and practice of international mediation, with a particular focus on issues and questions concerning or related to the Global South. Click here to learn more

GSUM INTERVIEW PROF. EDWARD KAUFMAN, Senior Research Associate and former Director at Center for International Development and Conflict Management (CIDCM) at the University of Maryland, and PROF. SARA HELLMÜLLERSenior Researcher and Research Coordinator of the Mediation Program of the Swisspeace Foundation

GSUM / BPC FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM  New call for the 2016 Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM) Fellowship Program in International Mediation will soon be announced. More details here

GSUM HELD THE SEMINAR "AT LAST PEACE? COLOMBIA PEACE PROCESS AND CHALLENGES AHEAD" - Check the review of the event and the interview with Mr. Guarín, the Post-Conflict and Peacebuilding Coordinator at Fundación Ideas para la Paz (FIP) More details here

  Academic Publications

CHECK THE BRAZILIAN NUCLEAR POLICY PUBLICATIONS - This project offers to general and specialized audience quantitative and qualitative information regarding the main facts and figures of the Brazilian nuclear policy as well as critical reflections about this complex and multifaceted element of Brazil’s political agenda, in which the national and the international dimensions intersect.  Learn more

SEE THE LATEST EDITIONS OF THE BIWEEKLY REPORT ON LATIN AMERICA'S CONFLICTS - A publication written in Portuguese and conceived as a platform for monitoring current international processes of negotiation of Latin American conflicts. Read more

POLICY BRIEF ON MEDIATION WITH NON-CONVENTIONAL ARMED GROUPS IN LATIN AMERICA, BY MABEL GONZÁLEZ BUSTELO - This Policy Brief evaluates the emergence of gangs, drug trafficking organizations and small criminal groups operating in pockets of fragility in urban or rural areas of Latin American states. Read more

  IRI/PUC-Rio has been rated 5 stars by the "Guia do Estudante"

The International Relations Institute of PUC-Rio (IRI/PUC-RIO) has been rated 5 stars by the "
Guia do Estudante", placing PUC-Rio in between the top 5 Brazilian universities in International Relations course. Learn more

  Events and meetings

BPC HOSTS EVENT ABOUT THE CAREER PATH IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS ORGANIZED BY CARI - CARI realized Debatepapo about the career path in I.R., at the BPC's library. Read more       

BPC MEETS WITH RIO+ CENTRE EXPERTS - The purpose of the meeting was to approach the BRICS Policy Center and the Rio+ Centre in terms of common research agendas, mainly the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as the possibility of collaboration in publications, conducting joint events and an institutional partnership. Read more


- O ANO QUE O IRÃ MUDOU A CENA Opinion article published in the newspaper "O Estado de São Paulo" by research project coordinator of the Brazilian Nuclear Policy, Professor Monica Herz, and Mariana Nascimento, Amazônia Azul Tecnologias de Defesa S.A. Read more


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• Oxfam Brasil open new office in São Paulo - SP. Click here to access

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       Upcoming Events


Conference on Mediation 

From 21 to 23 of June, 2016,
in Basel, Switzerland, the GSUM will host an international conference on mediation in partnership with Swisspeace (University of Basel associated institute) and the Centre for Mediation in Africa (CMA/University of Pretoria).

THE LONDON CONFERENCE 2016 -Re-Defining Borders: Challenges to Security, Growth and Resilience 

Between 16 to 17 of July, 2016, the London Conference will bring together individuals from across the world, creating a community with a shared understanding of the major challenges accompanying globalization.


India will host the 8th BRICS Summit, bringing together the leaders of Brazil, Russia, China and South Africa.



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