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Volume 4, nº 33 - June / July 2014


   VI BRICS Summit 

On July 15th in Fortaleza, for the VI BRICS Summit, the BRICS Policy Center organized a series of publications (analyses, reports, and interviews) that reassembled a mixture of the first cycle of the summits and more importantly a discussion forum with the visiting researchers about one of the most important issues in the agenda for this meeting in Brazil: the New Development Bank (NDB).

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 New Academic Publications


The leaders of the five BRICS countries met in Fortaleza, Brazil for their sixth summit as a grouping. The international community had high expectations reflecting the ambitious results anticipated from the members of the meeting, which in fact, represented an important step in building greater institutionalization for the grouping.  With this in mind, the monitor aims to present the expectations of the BRICS countries before the VI Summit and then compare them with the results achieved by the end of the meeting.

This monitor aims to analyze the main implications of the victory of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India.  Through exploring the domestic and foreign policy of India with a focus on regional relations and BRICS, the monitor argues that Narendra Modi’s entry into the government will benefit India’s goal to be viewed as a world power.


Special 6th BRICS Summit- This week in BRICS is a weekly publication that brings together news stories of important events and developments that took place within each BRICS country during the week and provides references to deepen the understanding of the reader in the various themes mentioned.  
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 Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM)

The first Winter School on International Mediation of the GSUM was held between July 28th and August 8th, with the participation of around 40 students from different countries such as Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, United States, Philippines, Kenya, and Trinidad and Tobago. In the first edition of the school, which took place at PUC-Rio, professor Laurie Nathan from the University of Pretoria taught the main courses, which addressed various theoretical and practical aspects in the field of international mediation. Joyce Neu, an expert from the organization, Facilitating Peace, also aided in the lectures by focusing on the mediation processes and the actors involved emphasizing the role of gender.  In addition, public events led by diplomats and academics, which discussed dilemmas, challenges, and potential of international mediation took place throughout the school. The next edition of the Winter School of the GSUM will be in July of 2015. More information coming soon on the website.


The GSUM has the great pleasure of announcing that the three candidates chosen for the Fellows Program this year have arrived in Brazil: Borislava Manojlovic, Catherine Ali, and Maria Cecilia Milesi. These highly qualified candidates, aside from producing Policy Briefs and/or scholarly articles, also participated in the Winter School GSUM 2014 by teaching two courses, 15 hours each, on topics related to conflict resolution and international mediation. 

Learn more about the selected Fellows.

 Fellowship BRICS Policy Center

BPC conducted interviews with the Fellows (visiting researchers) from the center, Matshaba Mothiane (South African Institute of International Affairs) and Thomas Hardern (Igarape Institute), in which they tell a little bit about their professional and academic experience during their short stay in Rio de Janeiro. 

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 South-South Cooperation

SSC Publishes New Article in IDS Bulletin (Special Edition)

Adriana Erthal Abdenur, one of the coordinators of the SSC project, just published a new article in a special edition of the IDS Bulletin- Special Issue: China and International Development: Challenges and Opportunities- entitled “China and the BRICS Development Bank: Legitimacy and Multilateralism in South-South Cooperation”.  The article analyzes the BRICS Development Bank, the most concrete project of the BRICS group, from the perspective of the Chinese and their respective interests and strategies in the project.

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    Other activities and interests of BPC

Roundtable: “Global Performance of Sub national Units- organized by the Coordinator of International Relations of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro with the support of BPC.

On July 31st, the Coordinator of International Relations of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, with the support of BPC, organized a seminar to consider how the undergraduate courses in International Relations could tackle the topic of urban issues.
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Meeting with Professor Paulo Esteves, researchers, and Dr. Neissan Alessandro Besharati (Programme Manager- Development Effectiveness SAIIA and WITS University)

During the meeting, they discussed the possibility of negotiating an institutional partnership between BPC/PUC-Rio and WITS University.  They also talked about the center’s academic projects and the present partnership between BPC and SAIIA.

Meeting with Mr. Romulo and the Canadian Consul General in Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Sanjeev Chowdury

The meeting discussed general topics about the BRICS countries and the VI Summit that took place in Fortaleza

Meeting and visit of Deputy Consul General Mr. Kondo and Vice Consul Mrs. Kuwano (Japan) and Professor Paulo Esteves

The purpose of the visit and the meeting was to discuss the article published in the newspaper, O Globo, by Professor Paulo Esteves about the VI BRIVS Summit and the creation of the New Development Bank.  - Access the article  "Effect BRICS" here

Meeting between professors and representatives from the Political Science Department/Center for Transnational Relations of Freie Universität Berlin Ihnestrasse (Germany)

The meeting aimed to introduce BPC and its academic projects to the foreign institution, which seeks to establish a partnership with the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio.

 Suggested Publications:
•  Also read the article produced by Sabin Vaccine Institute published by the WHO Bulletin about the role BRICS can play in the reduction of poverty and tropical diseases. 

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 Suggested Links:
• According to the Norwegian government’s strategy in Brazil and its annual work plans, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Brazil develops the mission to improve and promote relations between Norway and Brazil. In addition, the Royal Norwegian Embassy is partnering with BRICS Policy Center on the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM) project. 

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       Upcoming Events


Colloquiums with the Fellows from the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM)


The BRICS Policy Center will hold a series of colloquiums with three fellows from GSUM. The first event will be a conversation with Borislava Manojlovic on August 21st, followed by Catherine Ali on September 2nd and Cecilia Milesi on September 11th.  The BPC website will announce the themes and more information shortly. 



Colloquium “Triangular Cooperation for Development in Brazil: the case of the Center of Excellence against Hunger”, with Daniel Baladan - WFP.

O The event will take place in the BPC library located at the Afonso Arinos house on Rua Dona Mariana, 63- Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, on September 4th at 4:00 pm. Kindly RSVP through email to atendimento@bricspolicycen

2nd International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue - IPD.

From August 17-27th, the Institute for Peace and Dialogue will promote the event which aims to support academic education and strengthen the skills of peace building as well as the intercultural dialogue of the international community. The event will take place in Baar, Switzerland. 

The BRICS in the spotlight: An interdisciplinary approach.


The conference aims to encourage a systematic and interdisciplinary debate on the current importance of BRICS, including the socio-political, economic, and geopolitical agenda of the contemporary debates.  The event will take place on November 6th and 7th at the University of Parma, Italy. 




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