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Volume 4, nº 31 - March / April 2014


   The BRICS Policy Center in events parallel to the 6th BRICS  Academic Forum

On the occasion of the 6th BRICS Academic Forum, which took place in March in Rio de Janeiro, the BRICS Policy Center organized and hosted a series of parallel events with the aim of fostering debate on the main issues to be addressed at the BRICS Summit this year in Fortaleza. In partnership with IPEA, IDS and with the support of DFID and ABC, the event "Beyond North and South: The BRICs and the furutre of development cooperation" was held, which seeked to analyze two current trends in international development cooperation. The first, linked to the emergence of new donors such as China and Brazil, which have become important providers of international assistance, especially to Africa, and the second, linked to the impact of the global financial crisis on policies for development cooperation and on the priorities of the OECD member countries. Still in partnership with the IDS and support from DFID, the BPC hosted the workshop "RPID Research Meeting: Synthesising the 'State of the Debate' country studies" in order to discuss the situation of emerging powers including some of the BRICS countries. Continuing the discussion on cooperation and development, a seminar on "Future International Cooperation Policy Dialogue Network" was organized which addressed topics such as development cooperation policy and the relationship between traditional and new donors, promoted in partnership with DHS, as part of the project RPID (Rising Powers in International Development), and DFID.

In partnership with SAIIA, the BPC held a workshop entitled "The envolving agenda of the BRICS: perspectives from Brazil and South Africa" on intra-BRICS and inter-BRICS dynamics relevant to the consolidation of the group. Furthermore, the theme "Green Economy" was discussed at the workshop "Economic Incentives for Renewables: How Government Policies and practicies are supporting the transformation to the Green Economy in the BRICS", also held in partnership with SAIIA.

Discussions on security were held at the workshop organized by the Mediation Unit of the Global South (gsum) of the BPC in partnership with PRIO and NOREF "Re-examining intervention: Rising Powers approaches to conflict resolution", which sought to discuss new relations between traditional and emerging powers with regard to the future of international conflict resolution, bringing experts from different parts of the world for open debate on the subject.  Still on the subject of safety the seminar "Public Security in Rio de Janeiro" was conducted in the framework of the BRICS initiative-Urbe, organized in partnership with the Igarapé Institute. In the latter, we reemphasized the critical discussion and presentation of various perspectives concerning issues of public security in Rio de Janeiro.

 GSUM announces the first three selected fellows and key  information about the Winter School - Check out the Notice and  the Application for Registration!

It is with great pleasure that GSUM can share more detailed information about the 3 candidates selected for the Fellows programme:  Borislava Manojlović, Catherine Ali e Cecilia Milesi. The excellent and highly qualified candidates, besides producing Policy Briefs and / or scholarly articles, will also join and participate in the GSUM 2014 Winter School teaching two (02) courses, 15 hours each, on topics related to conflict resolution and international mediation.
Read more about the selected fellows.



Organized by the Mediation Unit of the Global South (GSUM), the Winter School is an academic programme and intensive training on international mediation lasting two weeks, which occurs in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The School offers a maximum of 24 places per week for students seeking to have an intensive and substantive learning experience and training in the theory and practice of international mediation, with particular focus on issues relating to the Global South. Click here to access the Invitation and Application form for registration for the Winter School.

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    Events and meetings

- The participation of researcher Sergio Veloso at the conference 'Spatial Transformation Conference: the Johannesburg laboratory', organized by the City of Johannesburg and the South African Cities Network, South Africa. 
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The visit and meeting between Prof. Wrobel and Mr. Song Yang, Consul General of the People's Republic of China.

On the first visit of the Consul to the BPC, the meeting sought to organize the establishment of a program between the BPC and the Chinese consulate for partnership in the organization of lectures and seminars on topics relevant to the BRICS.

Participation of the researcher Leane Naidin in the event "BRICS and Their Neighbors - Inclusive Regional Economic Relations", organized by the IPEA.

The Professor. Leane Naidin attended the seminar and made a presentation which was followed by a discussion about Brazil's recent industrial policy and considerations about the possibilities for cooperation with the other BRICS countries. The event was held in conjunction with the Economic Policy Forum.

Professor Paulo Esteves participates in workshops and meetings in France and Northern Ireland.

In February, the Director of the BPC attended the event "Aspects of Conflict Transformation", at Queen's University, organized by Queen's College, Belfast, Northern Ireland. In France, he lectured on Development Cooperation in a workshop organized by the OECD, and met with Professors Didier Bigot and Catherine L. from Sciences Po Paris about a possible partnership between the institutions.

Colloquium: "The political psychology of Brazilian perceptions of China" with Petras Shelton-Zumpano

The conference was presented by Petras Shelton-Zumpano - Doctor in Political Science at the University of Xiamen, Fujian province, China, and consultant to the UN-Habitat in Pereira Passos Institute – and is part of the BRICS-Urbe initiative.Read more



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• The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) conducts research on new trends to international conflicts, as well as formulate and document new understandings and responses to armed conflict.

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       Upcoming Events


2014 BRICS Summit – Fortaleza

The annual meeting with the participation of Heads of State of the BRICS countries in 2014 will be hosted in Brazil, Fortaleza, Ceará.


Asan Plenum 2014 - "Future of History" 

On 22nd and 23rd of April the Asan Plenum 2014 will take place. The event being held in Korea will have as its central theme, the debate on the changes of the current global political scene, beyond the discussion about the timing of the BRICS in the "Broken BRICS?”

"Emerging Economies and the UN Development System"History" Seminar

On the 28th and 29th of April a seminar on "Emerging Economies and the United Nations Development System" will be held in the auditorium B8 PUC-Rio. It will feature four (04) panels on the topics: changes in the UN Development System in the past five decades, international development cooperation, the role of emerging powers within the United Nations and the Organization for Economic cooperation and Development (OECD), and the possible transformation of mechanisms of international cooperation and the United Nations system as a whole.

SASE - Mini-Conference: The Social Dimension of State Captalism in the BRICS

The ‘Society for the Advancemet of Socio-Economics’ will hold between the 10th and 12th of July, a conference with the objective of analyzing institutional arrangements and their role in development policies such as industrial modernization and social protection in the BRICS and other emerging economies.

2nd International Summer Academy on Peacebuilding & Intercultural Dialogue - IPD.

Between the 17th and 27th of August, the Institute for Peace and Dialogue will promote the event which aims to support academic education and strengthen the skills of peacebuilding and intercultural dialogue in international society. The meeting will be held in Baar, Switzerland.




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