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Volume 3, nº 27 - September 2013


   BPC's new book "The Cities and the BRICS"

The BRICS Policy Center, in partnership with the Instituto Pereira Passos, is releasing his third book " The cities and the BRICS: Compared analyses and case studies on urban development in the BRICS."  The initiative seeks to contribute to academic debates and Policy toward the major cities, bringing together recent research along two axes: the experience of individual BRICS cities, and comparative analysis. The interdisciplinary approach of the collection, which includes specialists in the theme of cities from different disciplines - encompassing urban planning , economics , sociology, political science and international relations - aims to capture the different dimensions of urban experience of some of largest cities in BRICS .

Among the topics discussed are the role of international cooperation in urban management, public-private partnership to attract capital; trends in investment flows to the cities of the BRICS, the revitalization of port areas, the emergence of new urban markets, and including in the area security.

The organization of the book, which includes contributions by Brazilian authors and the BRICS countries, and fellows of the BPC, is by Sergio Veloso, Adriana Erthal Abdenur and Paulo Esteves.

 Academic Publications

BRICS Monitor - 
Expectations of the BRICS countries for the G20 Summit VIII

The meeting of the heads or representatives of government is the most important event within the institutional framework of the G20 , being preceded by a series of smaller meetings (meetings of the emissary , ministerial meetings , working groups and task forces) in which the agenda is prepared in the main dome. Given the context that precedes the main dome in Moscow, the purpose of this monitor is to bring an overview of the expectations of the BRICS countries for the G20 Summit approaching - considering the weight of the event in the discussions and decisions about the future of the international financial architecture and global economic 

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BRICS Monitor - Development Agencies in BRICS and Beyond – Experiences and Next Steps

Over the past years and resulting from deep changes in the global economy, BRICS and other emerging economies have started to invest heavily in their capacities as development players. Parting from decades-old South-South cooperation, governments are looking into the options to scale up and eventually institutionalize horizontal partnerships with other countries through dedicated development agencies. Despite valuable advances in some countries and a high demand for references from practice, the experiences with creating and setting up development agencies in emerging economies are largely unexplored.
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This Week in BRICS

Week - September 4th - 10th, 2013

This Week in The BRICS is a weekly publication that brings together a set of news about events and important developments that took place within each BRICS country in the course of the week, providing references for deepening the reader in the various topics mentioned.
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   Workshop "From the national experiences to the BRICS  Development Bank"

The second and third of  September, BRICS Policy Center received a partnership with the Instituto Brasileiro de Análises Sociais e Econômicas – IBASE, the workshop " Experiences From the National Development Bank of the BRICS ." with a board composed of representatives of the Brazilian and Chinese governments, think tanks and non - governmental national and international, the workshop aimed at analyzing the experience and strategies each with their own BRICS development banks, foster the exchange of knowledge and debates on the institutionalization of the new bank proposed by the BRICS. The workshop is part of an effort by the BRICS Policy Center, in partnership with IBASE, to consolidate an environment for analysis and discussion in preparation for the VI Summit of the BRICS, to be based in Brazil in 2014. Read more


   Call for Application - Graduate Program – IRI / PUC-Rio
The Institute of International Relations announces the call for applications for the selection exam to the International Relations’ Graduate Program for 2014, Doctorate and Master level, for Brazilian candidates and/or foreigners living abroad.

Candidates will be evaluated by an examining board composed of the Program’s Faculty, and approved by the Institute’s Graduate and Research Commission.

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   BPC recebe PhD fellow Albert Khatamatsin

PhD fellow Albert Khatamatsin from the Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences came to the center at the beginning of August and will remain for a period of one month. During this period, Mr. Albert will contribute to the development of research in partnership with the center of International Cooperation for Development, coordinated by Professor Paolo Renzio. The theme of his study focuses on agricultural cooperation among BRICS, especially in collaborative projects with South Africa. This study will result two texts: a Monitor, whose theme is the Russian cooperation for development, and another, Policy Brief on the format and / or Working Paper on cooperation between the BRICS in agriculture, including a section on agricultural cooperation with African countries.  Read more
 August Events

 BPC receives Stanley Foundation representatives
On August 19, BPC received Mr. Keith Porter (Chairman), Mr. David Shorr (Coordinator) and Mr. Tang King (Assistant Coordinator), who are representatives from the Stanley Foundation. Their trip to Brazil is part of a series of visits to emerging countries, prioritizing G20 countries which they say have a fundamental role in the discussion of new agendas.
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Meeting with the Tianjin delegation
On August 20, Professor Layla Dawood, Assistant Coordinator of the BPC, received a delegation from Tianjin (China): Hu Yifeng (director of the Institute for International Economics of the City of Tianjin), Li Zhijian (Deputy Director of the Institute), Dr. Li Lijia (Research Associate) and Zhang Peng (Researcher). The visit aimed at exchanging information and identifying common interests between the institutions, such as the study of the competitiveness of cities and the increasing introduction of Chinese companies in Latin America. 

• Seminar "10 Years without Sergio Vieira de Mello": The Profas Monica Herz and Adriana Erthal Abdenur attended the events celebrating the life and legacy of diplomat Sergio Vieira de Mello. The event brought together diplomats, academics and representatives of civil society organizations to discuss humanitarianism, the protection of civilians and peacebuilding. 

• Meeting with Prof. Adriana Erthal Abdenur and brazilian think tanks representatives: Meeting organized by the British Consulate and the British Embassy in Brasilia to discuss collaborative projects between Brazilian and British research centers.

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        Country Desks

The “Country Desks” project was created in order to accompany each member country of the BRICS grouping.




Upcoming Events

Conference “Rising Powers and Contested Orders in the Multipolar System”

On 19th and 20th of September the 6th Conference " Regional Powers Network " Will be held at PUC -Rio , with joint organization between the Institute of International Relations ( IRI / PUC -Rio ) , BRICS Policy Center ( BPC ) and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies ( GIGA ).

"XV Conosur Rio 2013"

The event promotes the meeting of students of International Relations, will be held between 9 and 12 October, with the theme "Regional Cultures and Freedom of Expression." Students from various countries in Latin America will have the opportunity to attend lectures and discuss various topics.

“The Atlantic Dialogues”, in Rabat, Marrocos.

The event promotes the meeting of International Relations students. It will be held between 9 and 12 October, with the theme “Regional Cultures and Freedom of Expression." Students from various countries in Latin America will have the opportunity to attend lectures and discuss various topics. The event will be held between the 25th and 27th of October, the annual gathering organized by the German Marshall Found in partnership with Morocco’s OCP Foundation, with the goal of creating a space for open discussion among professionals and leaders of the public and private sectors on different topics: Regional Development, Trade, Finance and Investment, Geopolitics and strategic issues in the Atlantic, company demographics and migration among others. The BPC will be represented by Professor Dr. Monica Herz.


"2013 WUSC International Fórum", Ottawa, Canadá.

WUSC is holding its third annual International Forum, in Ottawa, from November 1st till the 3rd, 2013. The Forum discussion on Development Assistance will be attended by delegates from governments, development agencies, civil society, private sector and other experts.


XIII Human Rights Colloquium (Conectas)

The Human Rights Colloquium is an annual meeting that began in 2001 by Conectas Human Rights. The meeting brings together activists, academics and human rights experts mainly from Latin America, Africa and Asia. In 12 editions, the symposium brought together 1360 participants from 64 countries.

Seminar: Emerging Countries in Africa, CEBRI event in partnership with the GIGA..

The meeting will be held on September 17 and seeks to discuss and answer the following questions: (i) “What are the strategies of emerging powers for Africa?” (ii) " What is their interest in African involvement?" (iii) " What are the expected results?" (iv) "How do the emerging powers compare to the traditional powers in Africa?”


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