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Volume 3, nº 26 - August 2013


   Academic Publications


Policy Brief - Participating "with teeth" BRICS at the Dispute Settlement Body of WTO

Considering the prominent position the BRICS occupy in the  DSB, this Policy Brief examines the repertoire of panels that the BRICS are or were Part, in order to identify the most recurrent themes that are questioned, well as those on which their complaints focus more often.

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Policy Brief - The current Brazilian Nuclear Policy

The nuclear issue occupies a prominent place in contemporary Brazilian politics as a theme in which various facets of domestic politics and foreign policy Brazilian are connected. The dual nature of nuclear technology brings many technical and political aspects, such as technological improvement in areas such as health and agriculture, national energy planning, the development of the country's national defense strategy, regional security in South America and Brazilian foreign policy in relation to the governance mechanisms of international society. In Portuguese only. Read more


This Week in BRICS

Week: 24 - 30 July

This week in The BRICS is a weekly publication that brings together a set of news about events and important developments that took place within each BRICS country in the course of the week, providing references for deepening the reader in the various topics mentioned.

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   BPC participated in the 4th National ABRI Meeting

From the 22 until the 26 of July, the 4th National Conference of the Brazilian Association of International Relations (ABRI) was held at the PUC Minas Campus in Belo Horizonte. The central theme of the meeting was "Multilateralism, plurilateralism and construction of a world order." On the occasion, Dr. Leane Cornet Naidin - Coordinator of the group for Development, Trade, Finance and Investment at BRICS Policy Center (BPC) - presented a paper on the recent Brazilian Trade Policy, with special focus on preferential trade agreement with India. Thauan  Santos, a researcher at BPC who works with Dr. Leane, also presented a paper on the BRICS Trade Agreements. 
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   BPC signs MoU with SACN
The BRICS Policy Center (BPC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the South African Cities Network (SACN), South Africa. The SACN is an initiative of the Ministry for Local Government and Provinces of South Africa which promotes the exchange of information and knowledge between the major cities of the country, such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. 
 Volunteer placements in BPC

In the first half of 2013 the BPC offered several places to volunteer at the center.

Collaborating with the research of Country Desks from April to early August, Beatriz Sannuti (Leiden University, The Netherlands) assisted the research for the publication BRICS Monitor "The Future of the WTO: A Brazilian as Director General" among other works, such as This Week in the BRICS.

Working with the BPC Coordinator, Dr. Adriana Erthal Abdenur with duration of 1 month starting in August, Conrad Kassier (University of Vienna) is conducting research on energy security, with special focus on South Africa, also with the aim to understand the role of other BRICS countries (especially Russia and China) in the promotion of nuclear energy. This research will be published soon as a BRICS Monitor and a Working Paper.

The BPC continues to offer opportunities for internships for volunteers interested in conducting research on the topics discussed by the Centre. Send an email to with your research project!

 July Events

BPC participates in the discussion "International experience: How Different is the study in a Top University?" Sponsored by the University of Brasilia (UNB), and other activities.

Between May 01 and July 5 the University of Brasilia (UNB) held in conjunction with the International Office of the UNB its first "Semana de Internacionalização" The Professor. Adriana Erthal Abdenur was invited to share their expertise in a wheel discussion entitled "International experience: How Different is the study in a Top University?". The purpose of this wheel was fostering an informal discussion and on the Brazilian and foreign universities, considered cutting edge. Besides the presence of Prof. Adriana, the event was attended by Profs. Alex Araujo (Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, Oxford), José Guilherme Lara Resende (Ph.D in Economics, Chicago), Paulo Nascimento (Ph.D in Political Science, Columbia), with lawyer Ana Paula Martinez (ll. M, Harvard) and the Canadian ambassador in Brasilia, Jamal Khokhar.

 Meeting with representative of Knowing Emerging Powers

Also in July the core of International Cooperation for Development received Konjin researcher Peter, in his second meeting with the group. The first happened in April, in which he made exploratory questions to develop their research in Emerging Economies and South-South Cooperation. Peter is performing a search through the Dutch organization, Knowing Emerging Powers.

 Meeting with the Chinese Delegation from the Research Institute for International Affairs

The BRICS Policy Center, represented by Dr. Ana Garcia and the Country Desks, held a meeting with a Chinese delegation composed of researchers from the Research Institute for International Affairs. Among the various topics discussed were the current context of global crisis, the impact of this context on Brazil and China, and the various points of views about the creation of a Development Bank by the BRICS countries. Furthermore, the Brazilian position on emerging free trade agreements as the Pacific Alliance, the Asia- Pacific Treaty, the agreement between USA-EU was debated. Older agreements such as MERCOSUR were also discussed Read more

•   BPC at Top-China Program

During the month of July, Prof. Layla Dawood represented the PUC-Rio and BRICS Policy Center at the Top-China Program, sponsored annually by Banco Santander, involving students and teachers from more than 20 Brazilian universities. The delegation of PUC-Rio, composed by Prof. Layla Dawood and students of International Relations Luis Antonio Mendes and Louise Marie Hurel Chagas Silva Dias, participated in academic activities at Peking University, where students had classes taught by teachers participating in the program from Beijing University about the sustainability issue in a multidisciplinary perspective. In addition, students and teachers Brazilians had lessons Mandarin and Chinese culture.



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        Country Desks

The “Country Desks” project was created in order to accompany each member country of the BRICS grouping.




        Upcoming Events

G20 Summit.

Leaders of the twenty largest economies in the world - including President Dilma Rousseff - are traveling to Russia for the G20 summit, which takes place in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, on 5 and 6 September.

Conference “Rising Powers and Contested Orders in the Multipolar System”

Will be held on 19 and 20 September at PUC-Rio, the 6th Conference "Regional Powers Network" of joint organization between the Institute of International Relations (IRI / PUC-Rio), BRICS Policy Center (BPC) and the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA).

"XV Conosur Rio 2013"

The event promotes the meeting of students of International Relations, will be held between 9 and 12 October, with the theme "Regional Cultures and Freedom of Expression." Students from various countries in Latin America will have the opportunity to attend lectures and discuss various topics.

“The Atlantic Dialogues”, in Rabat, Marrocos.

Will be held between the 25th and 27th of October, the annual meeting organized by the German Marshall Found in partnership with Morocco's OCP Foundation, with the purpose of creating a space for open discussion among professionals and leaders of the public and private sectors on different topics: Regional Development, Trade and Investment Finance, Geopolitics and strategic issues in the Atlantic, society demographics and migration among others. The BPC will represented by Professor Dr. Monica Herz.

"2013 WUSC International Fórum", Ottawa, Canada.

Between the 1st and November 3rd will be held the Forum discussion on Development Assistance, which will be attended by delegates from governments, development agencies, civil society, private sector and other experts.




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