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Volume 3, nº 24 - June 2013


   BPC Signs Cooperation Agreement with the South African  Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)


The BRICS Policy Center recently signed a MoU with the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), which is based in Johannesburg. The Memorandum of Understanding aims to facilitate cooperation between the two institutions for the hosting of events, joint research efforts and academic productions, as well as strengthen ties between Brazil and South Africa.


On March 15th, 2013 the BPC participated in a workshop hosted by the SAIIA in Johannesburg.
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   New page: BPC Partner Institutions

The BRICS Policy Center is pleased to announce the launch of a new feature on the website, the BPC Partner Institutions Page which presents information on the institutions that have formed partnerships with the Center.


   Welcoming Visiting Researcher Sudha Mohan, from India 
The BRICS Policy Center welcomes the visiting researcher Dr. Sudha Mohan (University of Mumbai, India) in June. Dr. Mohan was selected for the BPC Fellows program, and during her time at the Center she is conducting a research on the topic of "Discrimination, Exclusion and the Right to the City: Learning and Replicating the Experience of BRICS Cities," part of a larger project created by the new BRICS-Urbe initiatice of the BPC.   
On June 25th, Dr. Mohan will present a colloquium on "The urban transformation of the BRICS: The role of cities and information sharing." Registrations can be made by sending an email to:

Dr. Mohan is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civics and Politics at the University of Mumbai, India. At the BPC, her research will be conducted in conjuction with the BRICS-Urbe research group.
   Interview with Research Fellow Mathilde Chatin

During the months of May and June, the BPC hosted Mathilde Chatin, PhD Fellow from King's College in London. While at the Center, Ms. Chatin conducted research downtown and produced a working paper on the same topic as her thesis: the possibility of Brazil becoming a world power without military force.


In an interview held at the BPC, Mathilde elaborated on her work and highlighted how her time in the BPC Visiting Researcher program contributed to her research objectives. Learn more

 Academic Publications

Policy Briefs from the BRICS-URBE Initiative 

“Revitalization of port areas: Risks and opportunities for emerging economies”

This Policy Brief provides a comparative look at port revitalization projects, specifically the celebrated cases in Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Mumbai. Starting with assessments of what is perceived as a success in post-industrial case studies, the Policy Brief highlights similarities in the various approaches to port revitalization in the BRICS within the broader context of modern urban planning. The paper also presents current advantages and limitations amongst the different nations and explores some of the creatve strategies being used to increase soil occupation and accessibility, quality of life, sustainable urban ecologies, and alternative models of financing and management.

Click here to access the Policy Brief


"BRICS Cities: Competitive Global Actors"

This Policy Brief discusses recent data on the competitiveness of BRICS cities in global investment flows, drawing on recommendations that public policies be designed to focus on attracting investment and competitiveness of cities.

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BRICS Monitor - Center for International Cooperation for Development

“The BRICS Development Bank: Revolution or Illusion?”

The political and economic ties between the BRICS have increased steadily since the formation of the group seven years ago, but so far no concrete institutions have been created, and there are both optimistic and pessimistic views regarding the implementation of the so-called “BRICS Bank.” Despite the consensus in favor of the creation of a BRICS bank at the last summit in Durban, the paper argues that it will take some time for such an institution to be established, and that, once formed, such a bank may not even match the economic ambitions of the BRICS.

Click here to access the BRICS Monitor    (Portuguese only)


 May Events

Brazilian Event on Nuclear Policy

On May 9th and 10th, the BRICS Policy Center organized an event on Brazilian Nuclear Policy, which brought together diplomats, academics and public officials for discussion regrding issues such as the development and use of nuclear energy in Brazil, efforts to build nuclear submarines and the country's position in the face of international nuclear non-proliferation efforts. Learn more

Debate: "Democracy, Development and Globalization - the experiences of Brazil, South Africa and India."

On May 14th, 2013 the BPC, in partnership with  the Institute for Work and Society (IETS) and the Center for the Study of Integration and Development (CINDES), hosted a discussion on "Democracy, development and globalization - the experiences of Brazil, South Africa and India.” Learn more


Colloquium: "The BRICS in International Trade" with Dr. Ivan Oliveira (IPEA)

On Wednesday, May 15th the BPC held a symposium on "The BRICS in International Trade," presented by Dr. Ivan Oliveira (IPEA). For an audience of approximately 50 spectators, Dr. Ivan gave an overview of the insertion of BRICS in international trade, providing data on the recent growth of investments, exports of manufactured goods and services, and the different degrees of openness between countries - in which he highlighted Brazil as being less participatory. After his presentation, there was discussion regarding the role of the BRICS group in multilateral trade, in addition to debates on the growth expectations of the BRICS countries in the political-economic sphere.
Learn more

Conference: "The Role of India in Global Economic Governance: It Isn’t Easy Being an Emerging Power in Asia"

On May 20th, Dr. Surupa Gupta (University of Mary Washington) hosted a conference on India’s in global economic governance. During the event, Dr. Gupta highlighted India’s current position in international politics, tracing an overview of the country's engagement in different multilateral organizations such as the WTO, IMF and G20, as well as new platforms such as the BRICS group.  Learn more

Colloquium: "Compositions and Multiscale Processes in Urban Expansion: Reflections from Central Brazil," with Dr. Cristina Patriota de Moura.

On May 29th, Dr. Cristina Patriota de Moura (UnB) spoke at the colloquium on "Compositions and Multiscale Processes in Urban Expansion: Reflections from Central Brazil," giving a presentation on urban studies and forms of anthropological bias expansion. Her presentation also analyzed how certain processes directly constrain urban spaces and social life of citizens. Learn more



Translation: Tracy Woodley


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The “Country Desks” project was created in order to accompany each member country of the BRICS grouping.




        Upcoming Events

Colloquium: "Brazil and South-South Cooperation"

The seminar will be taught by Ambassador Fernando de Abreu (Brazilian Cooperation Agency), and will take place on June 28th at 4 pm in the BPC library.

Colloquium: "The urban transformation of the BRICS: The Role of Cities and Information Sharing"

On June 25th, visiting researcher Dr. Sudha Mohan (University of Mumbai) will host the colloquium.  Entries can be made via e-mail:


Visit to the Sabin Vaccine Institute

On June 21st, Professor Adriana Abdenur will visit the headquarters of the Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington. The purpose of the visit is to discuss opportunities for collaboration in research development in the area of public health.


BPC to Attend Workshop on Sustainability

The BRICS Policy Center will participate in the workshop "UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network: River Sustainability Initiative" on June 24th, at the Research Institute of the Rio de Janeiro Jardim Botânico. 





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