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Volume 3, nº 21 - March 2013




  BPC is participating of the BRICS Academic Forum





The BRICS Policy Center is participating of the BRICS Academic Forum in Durban, South Africa, on March 10-13th. Professor Paulo Esteves, Professor Adriana Erthal Abdenur and the researcher Mr. Sergio Veloso are some of the members of the Brazilian delegation, along with other important Brazilian Institutes, such as IPEA. The BPC will present an academic paper entitled “Reform of Global Governance Institutions: a Two-Pronged Approach”.

The BRICS Academic Forum is an annual event that precedes the BRICS Summit and is reponsible for organizing pannels and meetings with specialists and researchers from academic communities of member countries. The theme of the 2013 Academic Forum is aligned with the theme of the 2013 BRICS Summit: “BRICS and Africa: Partners in Development, Integration and Industrialization.” Read more 



Apart from the forum, BPC will also participate and organize several workshops, discussions and other academic events in both Durban and Johannesburg. In a partnership wtith SAIIA (South African Institute of International Affairs), on March 15th, the Center will organize the workshop on BRICS Cooperation and Development "South Africa and Brazil in the BRICS and beyond". On the 19th, BPC will also take part of the discussions  on "Rising Powers in International Development: Learning from the Rising Powers’ Development Experiences" co-organizing an event with the IDS (Institute of Development Studies). In addition, BPC will participate of paralell events, presenting  papers and research projects on strategy and security - in a pannel organized by Accord (African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes), as well as on social inequality in the BRICS countries, in a workshop organized by Oxfam GRIFAR Oxfam.

  New Fellow at BPC


In March, the BRICS Policy Center is honored to welcome a new visiting professor, selected through the Fellowship Program, Dr. He Wenping, from the Institute of West Asian & African Studies (IWAAS) and the Chinese  Academy of Social Sciences (CASS). Dr. He (Chinese) will stay in Rio for one month, collaborating with researchers on projects of the Center related to some of her studies on China-Africa and China-Latin America.



  Academic Publications


Policy Brief - The geography of preferential trade agreements in the BRICS

This paper presents the preferential trade agreements negotiated by the BRICS. The prospect of greater leadership in the international coalition leads us to inquire about the place reserved for trade liberalization agreements in this regard. These negotiations show a varying scope and point to different ranges of the role of preferential trade agreements for the international integration of these countries. In the current global market scenario, fragmentation of production in complex global supply chains, the preferential trade negotiations agenda requires a comprehensive reflection beyond tariff liberalization and the role that trade agreements can play in gains - or losses - of BRICS countries' competitiveness in the global scenario, in that there is a process that is changing not only the map of world trade as the trade policy agenda. 

To access the document, click here. (in Portuguese only)


BRICS: The Inequality Challenge (Fact-Sheet)

This "fact-sheet" had been prepared in a partnership with Oxfam and summarizes some of the key challenges of socio-economic inequality in the BRICS countries. This study is a starting point for discussions being held in South Africa and Brazil, and will also contribute to research projects on public policy in the BRICS.

The fact sheet will soon be available in our website.

  February Events


Colloquium "Research training on BRICS: The initiative of the country desks" with Prof. Layla Dawood. The new Assistant Coordinator of BRICS Policy center, professor Layla Dawood, conducted the colloquium "Research training on BRICS: The initiative of the country desks". The project "country desks", is a new initiative of the Center aiming to produce analyzes of the international conjuncture on each BRICS countries, covering topics such as: the group's role in countries' foreign policy, international security, domestic politics, economics, as well as other relevant themes and it will be coordinator by Prof. Dawood. Read more

BRICS Policy Center welcomes the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. On the 26th of February  Prof. Adriana Erthal Abdenur had a meeting with representatives of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Brazil and they have discussed about the possibility of stablishing cooperation  between the two institutions involving the following areas: safety, environment, mega events and emerging powers.







Colloquium Country Desks initiative

BRICS Policy Center Seminar on "Europe and the BRICS". During February 27-28th Professor Paulo Esteves attended to a seminar organized by the War Studies (King's College London) and CERI (Centre for International Relations, Sciences-Po) in London. The event, entitled "BRICS and Europe", held annually, aimed to deepen discussion among academics about the new geopolitical relations on the European continent with areas in Asia, Latin America, and especially the BRICS group. Read more

  Educational Initiatives

The class "Emerging Powers and the New Multilateralism: the BRICS", offered by the Institute of International Relations at PUC, launched in March a simulation of the BRICS Summit to be held throughout the semester. The initiative - in which will involve the participation of approx. 30 students from IRI and some BPC researchers - aims to strengthen ties between the BRICS Policy Center's research and training of graduate students at PUC-Rio, deepening the knowledge about each BRICS country and about the group as a whole.


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 Future Events



BPC takes part of the “Australia-Brazil Dialogue”.

The Embassy of Australia will host the inaugural “Australia-Brazil Dialogue” on March 20-21st in São Paulo. The dialogue will feature a combination of lectures and discussions with all participants, and the BRICS Policy Center will be represented by Professor Dawood.



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