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Volume 3, nº 20 - February 2013




   BRICS Policy Center among the Top 20 think tanks of the world,  in the category “University Affiliated”

The BRICS Policy Center, after just completing two years of activities, has been chosen - for the second year in a row - as one of the Top 20 think tanks in the world. The ranking is featured in the report "The Global Go To Think Tanks", 2012 - an initiative of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) – which presents rankings of think tanks from different regions of the world, based on opinions from different areas of expertise.

BPC in on the 20th place in the ranking of the “Best University Affiliated Think Tanks", and is the only Brazilian  representative in the list, alongside the research institutes of Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Stanford and King's College.



BRICS Policy Center is featured in page 97 of the report, which can be accessed by clicking here.

We congratulate to the entire BPC staff, partners and collaborators for this achievement.


   New partnerships with IBASE and INSIGHT

BRICS Policy Center signed an agreement with the Brazilian Institute of Social and Economic Analyses - IBASE. The main cooperation  areas of the document include: the development of researches, academic studies and publications, as well as the promotion of events, conferences and seminars, and other activities that seek to strengthen the partnership between the two institutions.






The BPC also signed a memorandum with the Insight Comunicação, through its Revista Inteligência Insight. This agreement will conduct the exchange of bibliographic materials, promotion of joint events and the possibility of publishing BPC's articles in the Magazine.

   Academic Publications


BRICS MONITORS - “Brazil, India and the International Agenda for Patents”

A recent Policy Brief examining the evolution of investments in R&D and intellectual property registrations for products and processes of industrial innovation among BRICS countries concluded  that, despite increased investments in R&D and in BRICS countries patenting in the United States, the last indicator still reveals a noticeable difference between emerging and traditional powers with regard to innovation in these countries not keeping pace with the rapid  economic growth in recent years. Historically, Brazil and India have taken an active part in the discussions in international forums on intellectual property. This Monitor provides input on comparisons between the Brazilian and Indian positions, focusing on the main issue of generic drugs. Among our findings, we perceive shortcomings in the articulation of the shared interests between the two countries; which would otherwise be capable of strengthening a common position in the international arena. The adoption of different perspectives and the lack of a more profound dialogue on the subject of patents are the two most noteworthy aspects contributing to the difficulty of overcoming this framework.

Click here to access the publication. (available in portuguese only)


BRICS MONITORS - “The fifth ministerial conference of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)”

On 19 and 20th July 2012, Foreign Ministers and those responsible for international economic cooperation from China and others 50 African countries met, in Beijing, for the promotion of the Fifth Ministerial Meeting of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). Taken officially as a platform for cooperation and an horizontal consulting tool on South-South framework between China and Africa, FOCAC had its first edition held in 2000. Since then, the platform has gained important institutional density, following the rise of Africa on the international agenda – a process reflected in the increasing Chinese trade flow, as well as Chinese volume of investments and provision of aid. This monitor provides a brief summary of the previous meetings, as well as key developments in the most recent edition.

Click here to access the publication. (available in portuguese only)


   Recent Events


On January 24th, the General Coordinator of Embrapa in Mozambique, Dr. José Luiz Leite Bellini, conducted the colloquium "Brazilian Technical Cooperation: Embrapa-ABC Program in Mozambique" at BRICS Policy Center. At the event, Dr. Bellini described the three main projects of Embrapa in Mozambique - Platform Project, Project for Food Security and Prosavana. The Coordinator stressed the technical cooperation character of these projects, emphasizing that Embrapa is inserted in the development program of the Mozambican government. 
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The general coordinator of the BPC, Professor Adriana Erthal Abdenur, attended the meeting organized by Action Aid Brazil and Oxfam, aiming to bring together different organizations and civil society networks to discuss the strategies of Brazilian Civil Society participation in the V BRICS Summit that will be held on  March 26th and 27th, 2013 in Durban (South Africa).

   Social mobility and quality of life in BRICS cities

The acronym BRICS refers to a select group of five developing countries (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa), whose main mark is the consolidation of social mobility processes, responsible for the reduction of poverty rates and increasing the middle class. Together, these five countries comprise more than 40% of the world population, and a growing contingent of this population lives in the cities. So the question that arises is "how these processes of social mobility translate into improved quality of life in the cities?" As part of its project BRICS-Urb, and in dialogue with the Instituto Pereira Passos, BPC proposes to analyze, in a compared form, the quality of life in major cities of the BRICS, using indicators such as the “Liveability Ranking "developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit, as well as methodologies being developed by researchers of the partnership.

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 BPC Fellows Program | Results #4

The new Fellows selected will soon arrive in Rio/BPC. 

Dr. He Wenping

Nationality: Chinese
Institution: Institute of West Asian & African Studies (IWAAS) | Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
Ariival: March 2013

Dr. Sudha Mohan
Nacionality: Indian
Institution: Department of Civics and Politics, University Of Mumbai, India.
Arrival: June 2013


 Press Media

Retrospective of 2012 and Prospects for the next decade: Expert Opinions on China overseas. 

In December, Professor Adriana Erthal Abdenur was interviewed by Xinhua News Agency. The interview, entitled "Retrospective of 2012 and Prospects for the next decade: Expert Opinions on China overseas", came out in a series published in Cankao Xiaoxi, the largest circulation daily in China over four editions. The interview included topics from the transition of the Chinese economic model for domestic consumption; the change of exports and imports; the upgrading of manufacturing; investments in education and innovation; and security challenges in Asia-Pacific. Read more

The Radio Voice of Russia interviews the researcher of the BRICS Policy Center, Sergio Veloso.

The correspondent of Radio Voice of Russia in Rio de Janeiro, Alexei Lazarev, talks to the researcher BRICS Policy Center, Sergio Veloso about the Center's activities in 2012 and outlook for 2013. Check out the audio of the interview. (in Portuguese)


 Videos / Interviews with BPC Fellows

Dr. Calindi, research fellow at BRICS Policy Center in the research group INNOVATION SYSTEMS AND DEVELOPMENT GOVERNANCE.  In the interview, the following topics are covered: India’s current perspective on intellectual property; Cooperation on generic drugs among Brazil, India and South Africa; BRICS and the intellectual property agenda.

- Dr. Haibin Niu, research fellow at BRICS Policy Center in the research group INTERNATIONAL POLITICS AND MULTILATERAL AGENDA. In the interview, the following topics are covered: China's Political Transition; Chinese Foreign Policy after Transition; China and the Regional Crisis; China, BRICS, and the Responsibility to Protect and while Protecting; Political Dimensions of BRICS Grou; BRICS and the Reform of International Institutions.

Dr. Meena, research fellow at BRICS Policy Center in the research group ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL ANALYSIS. In the interview, the following topics are covered: Critical Geopolitics; Critical Geopolitics and the BRICS alternative; BRICS, the West, and the Post-Western order; Globalization and the BRICS; Can the BRICS be a region? 

Watch the interviews with BPC fellows

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BPC participation in the Think Tanks Forum in 2013 in Durban, South Africa

The BRICS Academic Forum is an annual event preceding the BRICS Summit in the host country. This two days event, where experts and scholars of the academic communities from the member countries meet and engage, has three main objectives: (1)  to deepen collaboration in respect of research of mutual interest; (2) to establish networks between such communities; and (3)  to provide the BRICS leaders with a research resource in respect of issues under discussion at the Summit. The aim is therefore to encourage academic exchange, as well as to provide policy advice.

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