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Volume 2, nº 18 - December 2012

  Publications: The Cities and the BRICS
Although the BRICS is an initiative of five emerging countries, the group recognizes the growing role that new actors have played in international relations. This recognition is reflected in the agenda of the BRICSin the promotion of events that aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and innovation in this countries. In that context, the cities of the BRICS become relevant not only as starting points for the exchange of ideas and experiences on urban challenges and solutions, but also as actors in international relations, able to launch cooperation projects for the formulation of innovative urban policies. The research agenda of the BRICS Policy Center will monitor and analyze   

the exchange of knowledge between the cities of BRICS to identify new opportunities and challenges. Until now, the production of BPC in urban area includes a wide range of monitors, reviews and other publications. (in English will be available soon.) In Portuguese, click here

You can access to the publications produced by the core Urban Development and Sustainability BRICS Policy Center. In English will be available soon.

  Meeting with South African delegation
On November 30th, the General Supervisor of the BPC, Professor Paulo Esteves, and the General Coordinator, Professor Adriana Erthal Abdenur, welcomed at the Center the Ambassador of South Africa in Brazil, Mr. Mphakama Mbete, as well as the General Consul of South Africa, Mr. Dube Mmaikeletsi, the South African representative to the summit of BRICS (sherpa) and 10 other diplomats, all members of the SA delegation.
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South African delegation at BPC
  Meeting with IDRC (International Development Research Centre)
On November 23th, the Professors and Coordinators of BRICS Policy Center, Paulo Esteves, João Pontes Nogueira and Monica Herz, welcomed Dr. David Malone, the President of IDRC (International Development Research Centre) during a meeting at the Center. They have discussed the possibility of stablishing cooperation between the two institutions. Read more  
Meeting with IDRC
  “Brazil, the BRICS and the Citizen Participation”
On the November 27th, the general coordinator at BPC attended the seminary “Brazil, the BRICS and the Citizen Participation”, together with the Ambassador Maria Edileuza Fontenele Reis, Under-Secretary General Policy II of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ambassador Guilherme Patriota, Special Advisor of the Presidency.   
The seminar aimed to consider possible developments that may allow joint initiatives of the BRICS countries addressed to the citizen participation.  
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  Professor Paulo Esteves takes part of the event “CAPE Conference 2012”
On November 14th, the Prof. Paulo Esteves took part in the the event “CAPE Conference 2012: Old Puzzles, New Pieces: Development Cooperation in Tomorrow’s World”, realized at the head office of the ODI (the Overseas Development Institute) in London, UK.  
Professor Paulo Esteves took part of the stand “New actors and new flows”, on the first day of conference and discoursed on the theme Brazil and the South-South cooperation. 
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(November 1st) The fellow Dr. HaibinNiu, attended the seminar "Business and Market in China today: Future Challenges", organized by FUNAG.

(7th and 8th November) Dr. Niu attended the academic forum "South America and China over the next 20 years: The actors and their roles," held at the South America Memorial, in Sao Paulo.

(8 e 12 de novembro) Internal activities -  At the colloquium “Economics of the Patent System”, Dr. Calindi spoke to approximately 20 people and emphasized the need to study the international patent system. Read more. Dr. Niu presented his research on the role of China in the current world order and not only signalized China's role in the world order, but also emphasized the importance of the BRICS group as emerging powers. Read more

(November 9th) Professor Adriana Abdenur and the Consul General of Japan met to discuss abut the international political scenario in Asia and Latin America and, besides possibilities of collaboration on the study of the Japanese participation, through JICA, in the South-South cooperation, through triangular cooperation.

(November 13th) Citizens Information Service  The visit organized by IRI / BPC , at the Arquivo Nacional, with the participation of researchers and students from BPC and IRI. Dr. Silvia de Moura, who is the authority in monitoring SIC National presented to the group the Access to Information Act and how it is being implemented in the public archives. She has also instructed of how to use the SIC system for research in international relations and in issues related to international development. Read more

(November 14th) The BRICS Policy Center held, on the November 14th, the colloquium "Security Challenges in the Power-shifiting Asia and China's Periphery Strategy", by Prof. Niu Haibin, one of the researcher fellows of BPC. Dr. Niu is contributing to the BPC’s research group  International Policy and Multilateral Agenda. During the presentation, the researcher discussed about the challenges of China, its relation with its neighbors countries and the issue of U.S. Read more

(November 16th) The Administrative Coordinator of the BRICS Policy Center, Ms. Lia Lopes and the General Supervisor of the Centre, Dr. Paulo Esteves met with representatives of Institute of Development Studies about possibilities of cooperation between the two institutions in the areas of research and the fellowship program. Meeting held at the IDS, UK.

(November 22nd) The Professor Abdenur met with Debora Barros Leal, from the University of British Columbia. They have addressed the issues on South-South cooperation and Brazilian foreign policy for Africa. 

(November 23rd) Dr. Niranjan Calindi, of the research group Innovation Systems and Governance for Development, presented the colloquium "A comparative analysis of the patent systems of the BRICS countries"Dr. Calindi’s presentation discussed about a study on the patent system and its relation to the development potential of the BRICS countries in the technology production. Read more

(November 29th) The BRICS Policy Center and the Institute of International Relations (IRI) at PUC-Rio promoted Panel "Should the BRICS grouping exist?" held in the classroom of IRI-PUC-Rio, in order to discuss the existence of the BRICS countries as a block. Read more







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 Upcoming events



Civil G20 Conference

Professor João Pontes Nogueira will attend on the 12th and 13th of December, the meeting "Civil G20", in Moscow, in order to promote political dialogue between the leaders of the G20 countries and representatives of organizations of the civil society that work with issues related to the agenda of the Summit, making substantial contributions.


BPC in the preparations for the Forum

The fifth meeting of Heads of State of the BRICS countries will take place in March 2013 in Durban, South Africa. The BRICS Policy Center has been participating of the preparations for the Think Tanks Forum, which will take place two weeks before the next summit. The BPC will also participate of workshops in Durban and other initiatives organized in partnership with think tanks South Africans. Before and after the summit, the BPC will hold seminars and disseminate publications on the agenda of the BRICS. More information is coming soon in the next edition of the newsletter in January 2013.


Chinese Culture – The Harmonious World and the Cultural Awarenessl.

In commemoration of the 200 years of Chinese immigration in Brazil, and during the visit of Mrs. Zhang Meiying, Vice Chairman of the National Commission of the Political Consultative Conference of Chinese People, the Government of Rio de Janeiro State and the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Rio de Janeiro will hold the event: "Chinese Culture - Harmonious World and the Cultural Awareness." The lecture will be given by Mr. Professor Wu Zhengde, Vice Chancellor of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Member of the Standing Committee of the CNCCP, on December 19th, Wednesday, at 10:30 am at the Auditorium of the Guanabara Palace (annex building), located at Pinheiro Machado, s / n - Laranjeiras.

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