Volume 2, nº 17 - November, 2012





 Workshop "The BRICS and South-South Cooperation"


On October 26, the BRICS Policy Center conducted in partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID), the Workshop "The BRICS and South-South Cooperation". The purpose of the event was to present and discuss substantial questions about the role of South-South cooperation in the field of international cooperation for development and at the same time to analyze the practices of the BRICS countries in the field in question.

The event was attended by academics, researchers and national and international experts working in the area.

The debate is also part of the project to produce content for the second book of the BPC, "The BRICS and South-South Cooperation," which will be released soon. Read more

Workshop "The BRICS and
South-South Cooperation"

  Academic Publications

Policy Brief of the Core of International Politics and Multilateral Agenda


"The Coordination of BRICS at Multilateral Forum"

This Policy Brief, coordinated by Professor Monica Herz, aims to evaluate the process of institutionalization of the group and coordinate their policies in multilateral forums. Thus, an analysis is made of the BRICS countries' participation in various multilateral forums, focusing on political and economic agendas. In addition, there are possible moves of coordination between the BRICS countries, through declarations, convergent actions and similarities of behavior.


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Welcome meeting to the visiting researcher Dr. Meena

The Fellow Niranjan Rao Calindi arrived at the BRICS Policy Center at the end of October and will remain for the duration of 1 month, contributing to the core Innovation Systems and Governance for Development, coordinated by Professor Luis Manuel Rebello Fernandes. Niranjan is associated at Centre for Economic and Social Studies.

His research will address "the role that the patents systems perform in the systems of technological change at the BRICS countries". 
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The BPC and Knowledge about the BRICS in Brazil



Among the objectives of the BRICS Policy Center, is the training of highly qualified personnel in knowledge about the BRICS countries. This formation occurs in various ways, always through a partnership with the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio. All six research centers are the Center of undergraduate students as interns, and students of master's and doctorate working at BPC as researchers under the supervision of the coordinators of the teams.

In addition to actively participate in research projects of the Center, students interact with visiting researchers from other BRICS countries, help in the formation of institutional partnerships and learn about the organization of events.


In addition, IRI offers various disciplines on topics related to BRICS and even has been working to strengthen the links between research and teaching project of the Center of the Institute. Among the topics covered are: courses on China, Russia, India, and Brazil and other dealing with the reform of global governance and multilateral relations in security, international cooperation and development.
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New General Supervisor of the BRICS Policy Center



The BRICS Policy Center team is pleased to announce Professor Paulo Esteves as General Supervisor of the BRICS Policy Center. Dr. Esteves  also assumed the directorship of the Institute of International Relations at PUC-Rio.


We take this opportunity to thank Professor João Pontes Nogueira for his dedication and hard work as the General Supervisor of the BPC during the years 2011 and 2012.
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Professor Paulo Esteves

We also take the opportunity to announce the return in August of the General Coordinator Adriana Erthal Abdenur, who was absent in the center of her activities due to maternity leave.

 October Events

The Ambassador of Brazil in East Timor, Edson Monteiro, presented on Monday (10/01) at the Center for the Studies and Research BRICS conference "East Timor: Building a new country and the Brazilian cooperation." Lasting approximately two hours, the Ambassador stated historical overview of the Country, and how the processes of cooperation that helped to rebuild Timor after its recent independence were developed.
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Colloquium with Ambassador Edson Monteiro.


On October 3rd, the BPC helded the BPC held the Colloquium "Emerging Powers and the New Scramble for Africa" with Dr. Ian Taylor.
Dr. Taylor addressed the African growth, analyzing the opening of new markets to the emerging powers, the entry of alternative resources through external funding and assistances, and decreasing dependence on traditional powers (such as European countries and the U.S.) 
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On October 
05th, the General Coordinator, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, and the Coordinator of Development, Trade, Finance and Investments, Leane Cornet Naidin received the researcher Peter Draper of the South African Institute of International AffairsRead more


On October 22nd, Professor Paulo Esteves, Coordinator Technical Cooperation and Science and Technology, and Lia Lopes, Administrative Coordinator, met with Ambassador Michael Marine, CEO of Sabin Vaccine Institute. The meeting focused on the health of BRICS and the possibility of joint work on the theme "Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases."

Meeting with Ambassador Michael Marine








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  Upcoming Events

Civil G20 Conference.

Professor João Pontes Nogueira will participate, in the 12th and 13th of December, in the meeting "Civil G20" (Moscow) in order to promote political dialogue between the leaders of the G20 countries and representatives of civil society organizations that work with issues related to the agenda of the Summit, making substantial contributions to the policy formulation of the group.


Colloquiuns with Fellows Researchers.

The BPC invites to the colloquium "Security Challenges in a Power-shifting Asia and China's Periphery Strategy", with Dr. Haibin Niu (China). 

Also in November, the Indian fellow, Niranjan Calindi, will present the Colloquium "A comparative analysis of the patent systems of the BRICS countries" on november 23rd.


Seminar "The BRICS and Civil participation"

The General Coordinator of BPC, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, will participate in the seminar that aims stimulate the debate on the issue of civil participation in the processes of construction of BRICS, promoting national consultations which invites representatives of the government and local civil society to hear and discuss government positions on the issue of civil society participation in the processes of policy formulation by the BRICS.