Volume 2, nº 16 - October, 2012



  Academic Publications

English version of the Policy Brief on Unequal Development in the Knowledge Era, by the core "Innovation Systems and Governance of the Development”:


"Unequal Development in the 

Knowledge Era: the Evolution of 

BRICS’ Participation in Intellectual 

Property Registry and R&D 


The current Policy Brief analyzes the evolution of two indicators of scientific production capacity and innovation of the BRICS countries: investment in R & D and intellectual property registration of products and processes of industrial innovation.


 Welcome to the visiting researcher Haibin Niu


The BRICS Policy Center will receive, during the months of October and November, the arrival of new visiting researchers selected by Fellows Program.

Haibin Niu is from China and member of the Shanghai Institutes for International Studies. In BPC, he will contribute to the research core of International Policy and Multilateral Agenda, coordinated by Professor Monica Herz. Read more.

Haibin Niu - Shanghai Institutes for
International Studies





Workshop “The Challenges of the BRICS after New Delhi Summit”



On September 18th , the BRICS Policy Center hosted the Workshop “The Challenges of the BRICS after New Delhi Summit”. The event offered an opportunity for scholars to debate the role of the BRICS in the international agenda and in the Brazilian foreign policy after the New Delhi SummitRead more.






   Colloquium on South-South Cooperation


On September 6th, the BPC received the Professor Naduska Palmeira, literature researcher, with focus on Conceição Lima’s poetry, identity and culture of São Tome and Principe in the post-colonial period, for the Colloquium “South-South Africa Cooperation: Brazil in the field of cultural policy at Sao Tome and Principe and the domain by the “soft power” cultural relations." Professor Naduska, is in the African country since 2009. Read more.


Professor Naduska Palmeira.


 September meetings


On September 21, the General Coordinator of BPC, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, received the visit of the researcher Lee Mackey, University of California, Los Angeles. Mackey presented his project on Brazilian cooperation in Latin America.

The BPC Research Coordinator, Professor Fabiano Mielniczuk, received on Tuesday the visit of Professor Tatiana Alexeeva, of The High School of Economics of St. Petersburg, and Professor Pierangelo Catalano, University La Sapienza of Rome.

Also in September, the team received the BPC Mr. Tomihisa Taue, Mayor of Nagasaki (Japan) and vice president of Mayors for Peace, and researcher Mr. Benjamin Ahnert. Click here to see the photo gallery of the month.



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Lee Mackey

Prof. Tatiana Alexeeva and Prof. Pierangelo Catalano






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BPC at the Atlantic Dialogues, Marrocos.

Professors John Pontes Nogueira and Leane Cornet Naidin attended the meeting the "The Atlantic Dialogues", in Rabat, from September 28th to September 30th. In the event, officials from public and the private sector, scholars and journalists have debated inter-regional issues ranging from economy to security.