Volume 2, nº 15 - September, 2012



  English Policy Brief


Now available the English version of the Policy Brief:

"BRICS, cooperation for development and the Busan 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness"



This Policy Brief deals with the outcomes of the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4), held in Busan, South Korea, 2011. The Forum is one of the initiatives of the Committee on Aid to Development (CAD) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which has tried to debate and to improve the effectiveness of aid to development offered by developed countries.


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   Interviews with BPC's Fellows


The BPC has released videos of interviews with visiting researchers. The five fellows spoke on the themes of their research at the Center.
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Aparajita Biswas (India)  - India and the cooperation for development (1)

BRICS in Africa (2)

Payal Banerjee (India) - BRICS and Energy / Agents of Change

Lucy Corkin (South Africa) - BRICS and Africa





Janis van der Westhuizen 
(South Africa) - The meaning of the mega events to the BRICS countries

Victoria Panova (Russia) - BRICS coordination



   August meetings


The General Coordinator at BRICS Policy Center, Adriana Erthal and the Research Coordinator, Fabiano Mieniczuk, received Mrs. Barnard, Director of BRICS Bureau in Brazil, and Mr. Stevn, Political Consul of South Africa in São Paulo, on the morning of August 17.
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On August 24th, the General Coordinator at BPC, Adriana Erthal Abdenur, met Dr. Daniel M. Kliman, Researcher for Asia, from the German Marshal Fund, and the Dr. Richard Fontaine, Chairman of the New American Security. At this meeting, the doctors presented the "Global Swing States Project", created from a partnership between their institutions.
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Sr. Bernard and Sr. Stayn with BPC Coordinators.

Also on August, Professor Kees Koonings, expert in Brazil at Latin American Studies of Holland and at Utrecht University, visited BRICS to discuss a cooperation between BPC and IOB. Read more

The German Marshall Fund and Center for a New American Security


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  Upcoming Events

Workshop: "The Challenges  of the BRICS after New Delhi Summit".

On September 18th, the BPC will hold the workshop "The Challenges  of the BRICS after New Delhi Summit". The goal is to discuss about  the more concrete dimensions of the International Agenda of the BRICS and the elements of the action plan that have the greater potential to add interests, and stimulate joint actions of the countries of the grouping.





Agreement between BPC and Xinhua News Agency.

The BPC established a partnership with the Xinhua News Agency (China) that foresees the interchange of information between both institutions. From September on, the Chinese agency will afford access to its database and news services. The field of research is much diversified, being divided in news, articles, pictures, audiovisual products, videos, multimedia and diagrams, among others.
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