Volume 2, nº 13 - July, 2012

  BPC and Rio +20

From June 17th to 21st, the BRICS Policy Center participated of the Rio +20 Conference through some activities:

Mayor's Summit

On June 17th, the Center organized a workshop "BRICS Cities and the Challenges of Sustainable Urban Development", at Espaço Humanidade, Copacabana Fort. Read More


Conference “Cidades para as Pessoas”

On June 18th, the Instituto de Arquitetos do Brasil - IAB - welcomed one of the most important architect planner, Dr. Jan Gehl, for the Conference "Cidades para as pessoas". Professor Pedro Cunca Bocayuva, Coordinator at BPC, commented the panel “Cidade Sustentável – Expressão do Século XXI”.
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BPC and Mayor's Summit at Espaço Humanidade

Global Eco Forum

The debate ''Second Track Beyond Rio - A Chinese Perspective ', was attended by Professor Leane Naidin, Coordinator of the research group Development, Trade, Finance and Investment of BPC.  Read More 


Trade and Development Symposium

The event occurred on June 19th was attended by Manuela Trindade Viana, researcher from the group “Development, Trade, Finance and Investment” of BPC.  Read More


  BPC welcomes the news researchers from India and China


Find below, the Researchers selected from the 3rd Application Process of the BPC Fellows Program:

1 - Dr. Haibin Niu 

Nationality: Chinese
Institution: Shanghai Institute for International Studies, China

Group of Research at BPC: International Politics and Agenda Multilateral

2- Dr. Niranjan Rao

Nationality: Indian
Institution: Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS), India

Group of Research at BPC: Systems of Innovation and Development Governance


          Fellows Program - BPC     


The call for papers was reopened, 
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BPC celebrates partnership with the Xinhua News Agency, China


The BRICS Policy Center established, in June 2012, a partnership with the Xinhua News Agency - China - which provides to the researches of BPC, during a 12 month period, access to all agency's database system and news service. 
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  June Events 


On June 5th, the Center organized the colloquium "Hosting the 2010 World Cup: What have we Learned? Some South African reflections", presented by Dr. Janis van der Westhuizen, visiting researcher of South Africa. Read More.

On the 13th, Dr. Payal Banerjee presented the colloquium "The Political Economy of Green growth and the Teesta-dans in India”. In the presentation, the Indian Researcher exposed a critical view of the construction’s impact of hydroelectric plants in forest areas.
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Colloquium "Russia within the BRICS Challenges and Prospects of full-fledge Cooperation" at BPC. 

Colloquium with Dr. Payal Banerjee at BPC

On June 25th, the Center organized the colloquium "South Africa as a (knowledge) gateway to Africa for BRICS?” presented by Dr. Lucy Corkin for BPC’s team.
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On June 28th, Dr. Victoria Panova presented the colloquium "Russia whithin the BRICS - challlenges and Prospects of full-fledged Cooperation".
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It's now available the videocast of the II International Seminar - BPC: "Sustainable Development and Social Agenda of the BRICS" - held on 24, 25 and April 26 at the City Palace of Rio de Janeiro.  
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  Upcoming Events

Colloquium with Professor Eduardo Gomes

Colloquium "Emerging Health? Explaining Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa's Response to Disease”Featured by professor Eduardo Gomes (Rutgers Universiy, USA), to held on August 9th, at 4 pm, at BPC.




Visiting researchers in first meeting of the TEPP Program - PUC-Rio.

Dr. Lucy Corkin and Dr. Janis van der Westhuizen, Fellows Researches at the BRICS Policy Center, were at the International Relations Institute (IRI) on June 15th for a special participation in the first meeting of the TEPP program (Tutoring Teaching and Research) at PUC-Rio. The research group of TEPP is dedicated to the study of African continent and it is composed by professors, undergraduates and graduate students.